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Mushroom salad with chicken breast and pineapple

Mushroom salad with chicken breast and pineapple

Put the chicken breast to boil in water with a little salt.

Remove the foam that forms during boiling.

After boiling, drain the chicken breast and allow to cool.

Drain the mushrooms well and rinse, then chop finely, or pass through a robot.

Finely chop the cucumbers and drain the juice well.

Drain the pineapple pieces of syrup and finely chop.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

For the mayonnaise, mix the raw yolk with the mustard and salt, then mix them, dripping a little oil.

When the mayonnaise becomes firmer, add mineral water for creaminess and lemon juice to taste and continue mixing, still dripping oil.

We stop adding oil when we get the desired amount and optimal taste.

Mix the mayonnaise with the ingredients in the bowl and match the taste of the salad with salt and pepper.

At the end we add the yogurt, or we add it right at the time of serving.

We serve the mushroom salad with chicken breast and pineapple, as an appetizer, decorated with slices of cucumber, pineapple and mushrooms.

It is very good, slightly sweet and slightly sour and goes well served, especially with toast.

Yogurt can be replaced with a cream cheese with greens.

The next day I added this cream cheese and it was really good.

May it be useful to you!

Chicken salad with pineapple and celery salad

We will need the following components:

  • One kilogram of chicken breast
  • A jar of preserved pineapple
  • A fresh cucumber
  • 4 celery stalks
  • Mayonnaise for refueling
  • Salt.

Preparation time & # 8211 50 minutes.

  1. Put the chicken in a saucepan, pour a little water, add a little salt and cook until ready, about 30-40 minutes
  2. The chilled meat is cut into small squares
  3. Open a jar of pineapple, pour all the juice, remove the circles and cut them into 6 pieces
  4. Wash the cucumbers, remove the skin, cut into strips
  5. Rinse the celery stalks, shake well and dry. Shred greens into small pieces
  6. Then all the sliced ​​components fall asleep in a deep cup, add mayonnaise, mix so that the dressing is completely distributed. Remove the salad in the cold for an hour so that it is soaked
  7. The prepared salad is placed in a salad bowl and served on the table.

A chicken salad with pineapple perfect for the warm months

Here is a very good salad for the hot season. Why? It is a refreshing salad that will help you cope more easily with high temperatures. Today I propose a very easy recipe for chicken salad with pineapple. You will see that such an exotic combination is exactly what you need when the sun shines and the temperatures go crazy.

Recipe for raw chicken breast & # 8211

  1. Wash the arugula and spinach well, put them to drain the water in a strainer and then dry them very well with water with kitchen paper. We break them by hand into large pieces and put them in the salad bowl.
  1. We wash the chicken breast, dry it with kitchen paper, cut it into thin slices that we season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano.
  1. Grease the grill pan with a little oil, heat it over high heat and brown the chicken slices on both sides.
  1. We clean the mushrooms by wiping them with a wet towel or kitchen paper, we cut them into thin slices and we fry them on the grill pan.

Tip: Mushrooms do not wash because they absorb a lot of water, they turn black when cooked and lose their taste.

  1. Wash and cut green onions, radishes and cherry tomatoes.
  1. Put all the ingredients in the salad bowl, add salt, pepper and mix well.
  1. In a small bowl, mix the lemon juice and olive oil well with a fork, then pour it over the salad.

We serve raw salad with simple chicken breast or as a garnish for other dishes.

Salad with chicken breast, pineapple and walnut kernels!

The combination of ingredients in this salad is irresistible!


-250 gr of boiled chicken breast

-200 g of preserved corn

-500 g of canned pineapple

-parsley and cherry tomatoes - for decoration.


1.Cut the chicken breast, pineapple and egg cubes.

2.Cut the walnut kernel into not very small pieces or as you like.

3. Transfer all ingredients to salad bowl, add corn, grated cheese and mayonnaise. Stir.

4. Season the salad with salt and black pepper.

5. For decoration, cut a few pineapple rings in half, and cherry tomatoes - quarters.

6. In the sliced ​​cups, add 2 tablespoons of salad, then 2 halves of pineapple and salad again.

7. At the end, garnish the salad with cherry tomatoes and parsley.

A salad only good for the holiday meal. It looks good and is to the liking of all guests.

Salad with pineapple, chicken fillets and pomegranates

  • A chicken breast
  • 100 grams of hard cheese
  • Chicken eggs & # 8211 4 pieces
  • 4 pineapple rings
  • mayonnaise
  • Dill leaves & # 8211 2 pieces
  • Pomegranate seeds & # 8211 10 things.
  1. Boil the breasts until they soften, add a little salt water
  2. We clean the cold chest from the skin and separate the bones. Cut the meat into small pieces. It can be broken manually. We break down on the bottom of the glasses. One breast is enough for 2 cups
  3. Grease the meat with a thin layer of mayonnaise
  4. Then pour the pineapple syrup, remove 4 circles and cut into small pieces. Arrange the glasses, greased with mayonnaise
  5. Boiled chicken eggs, cool with cold water, cut the shells, cut into small pieces. For a glass you will need two eggs, put them in glasses, grease with mayonnaise
  6. Bake the cheese with a grater of large chips and put all the ingredients. We find it with mayonnaise
  7. Pour a sprig of dill on top and spread the pomegranate seeds, put 5 pomegranate seeds in each glass.

Zealous cabbage curls & # 8211 an original recipe, the taste of which will surprise you.

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Scn Cuisine

We wash the chicken breast, deboned it and cut it into cubes. We clean the onions, peppers and mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. We grate the carrot.

Put the onion to harden and when it is bottled, add a little paprika and immediately a little water. Then add the diced meat and water (it is perfect to avoid frying in oil). Season with a little pepper and salt. Then in turn add the carrots, mushrooms and peppers. If necessary, add a little more water to the level of the meat - so that the sauce remains at the end. Let everything boil over low heat.

Meanwhile, boil the pasta and when the meat is ready, mix the pasta and chicken in a bowl with the sauce. Add canned corn and chopped parsley. Mixed well and is ready.

What ingredients do we put in the best chicken salad?

Pickles I put the Bulgarian ones, sweet and sour, in chicken salad. You can use any pickles you have, donuts, pickled cauliflower, burn capia. I really like cucumbers, so I always put them in a pineapple salad. You can cut them into rounds or cubes. In addition to these you can add other ingredients. Sweet corn, boiled mushrooms, olives, peas or any other vegetables you want. And lettuce can be used with confidence, as a base for salad.

In the end I added homemade mayonnaise in chicken salad. Must be homemade mayonnaise. It's tasty and you know exactly what kind of oil you put in it. In addition, it does not contain chemicals or preservatives. For extra flavor, you can add parsley, dill, basil or any other aromatic plant. I added parsley because I really like it. Then let the pineapple salad cool for a few hours in the refrigerator and serve. It is wonderful, fragrant and very tasty.