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Salad with tuna, spinach and pomegranate

Salad with tuna, spinach and pomegranate

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Tuna, spinach and pomegranate salad:

  1. Spinach is washed, drained and broken into pieces by hand.

  2. Cucumber and pepper are cleaned, washed and cut into cubes.

  3. Mix the spinach, cucumber, yellow pepper with the tuna and a little lemon juice.

  4. Taste and, if necessary, salt.

  5. I didn't salt it because the can contained enough salt.

  6. At the end, sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top.

  7. Pomegranate gives a sweet-sour taste. At the same time, it colors the salad beautifully.

Good appetite !!!!

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I didn't salt it because the can contained enough salt.


This salad was the lunch taken at work.

Buddha Bowl Bio

Cut the pumpkin into several pieces and add it to the oven for 1 hour, at 180 & degC.

Cut the onion and fry it in olive oil. Add the noodles until the brown is browned. Add the rice at the end and pour the water until it covers all the ingredients in the pan. Let the heat simmer and cover the pan with a lid. Let them boil for 15 minutes.

In a frying pan, heat the olive oil over which we add the crushed garlic and the sweet paprika, and over these we add the chickpeas, which we boiled before. We cook them all in the pan for a few minutes and add the salt with the garden herbs.

The dressing for baby spinach salad is made from: honey, apple cider vinegar and olive oil for emulsification (1-2 tablespoons). Add fish and salt with garden herbs and pepper.

The peculiarity of this preparation is the placement in the plate. All the ingredients are placed without mixing.

Place on one side of the plate the noodles with rice, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes cut into 4. Place the baby spinach salad in the middle, over which we add the dressing and the pomegranate pieces.

On the other side of the plate add halved eggs, almonds and hazelnut mix with dehydrated fruit, baked pumpkin and sliced ​​avocado half. Over all the dishes we add pine buds.

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Tuna in its own juice & # 8211 1 jar

I suggest you prepare a simple and delicious salad with tuna, tomatoes and eggs. It turns out to be light, balanced and rich in protein. Lettuce leaves can be used any, I got a field salad, and a suitable spinach. Pomegranate sauce can be replaced with balsamic. In general, the basis is, and then you can experiment!

Preparation of the necessary ingredients for the salad.

First, cut the onion in half into rings and marinate in a vinegar with a pinch of sugar.

Boil eggs, clean and divide into four parts.

Cherry tomatoes are cut in two halves.

Separate the salad leaves from the cuttings and take them arbitrarily.

For them, add the chopped onion.

And half the cherry tomatoes.

All pour pomegranate sauce. He will give a pleasant sour salad.

Stir gently and leave for 5 minutes.

Then divide the salad into portions on plates and add tuna and eggs. Salt and pepper to taste.

You can serve it as a salad or as a separate dish for breakfast, snack or dinner.

200 grams of halloumi cheese
250 grams of young spinach leaves (can also be baby spinach)
2 medium oranges
a few pomegranate berries
a few fresh mint leaves
2 tablespoons olive oil
half orange juice

Cut the halloumi cheese into equal slices and put it on the grill for 3-4 minutes, until browned on both sides. Put the spinach leaves in a bowl, add sliced ​​oranges, mint and pomegranate seeds. Place the browned cheese on top and sprinkle with the orange juice and olive oil and chew lightly, without the cheese shattering. That's it, in just a few minutes you can enjoy a light and delicious dinner.


I don't know how others are, but I like spinach salad with tuna and corn. It may be due to perpetual diet (age, job, sedentary lifestyle) or because it is extremely easy to do. I still haven't been able to decide why.

What is certain is that it is prepared in 10 minutes, it is full and can be taken as a snack at work, as I told you here. (Beware, however, of colleagues with delicate noses. The smell of tuna may decrease their productivity and increase their appetite for gossip.)

What we need

a can of tuna in oil (185 g & # 8211 I buy from Lidl)

250 g baby spinach (a casserole & # 8211 also from Lidl) (I tried the spinach version on the market, but the time wasted cleaning the tails and the amount thrown made me come to the conclusion that it is cheaper to buy the casserole)

a small box of corn kernels (or boiled frozen corn & # 8211 2-3 tablespoons)

7 days detox diet

Google Plus While, for the most part, all-inclusive summer vacations are a safe way to gain weight, others go on vacation to lose weight. The fashion of detoxification cures abroad has gained momentum among local celebrities. Although she is daily attentive to nutrition and is an expert in everything that means a healthy lifestyle, Florentina Opriş felt the need for more.

Last month, she decided to go to Turkey for a detox.

At the restaurant there was no buffet from the difference of condylom to choose what and how much to eat. I received three meals a day and two snacks, a fixed portion and not too big.

  1. The best detox. You lose 4 kilograms in 7 days -
  2. Detoxification in 7 days - Detoxification plan in 7 days
  3. 7-Day Detoxification Plan 7-Day Detoxification Plan - Tion 7-Day Detoxification Plan by Laura Voica Jan 16 Tags: detoxification detoxification treatment Detoxification is any process that eliminates a substance harmful to your body or that modifies a toxic substance, so so that it is no longer harmful.
  4. Helmintox internetaptieka
  5. 7 day detox diet.

I mean, I would get up from the table with the feeling that I could have eaten before, but I was full and satisfied enough. Lunch consists of a salad of all kinds of leaves, with a 7-day detox diet grilled or stuffed zucchini, or turkey with green beans.

Between lunch and dinner he had fruit, and in the evening he ate a vegetable soup or detox diet 7 days lentils and a main kind of fish salad. The only dessert allowed is dried or oily fruit.

  • Field mushrooms
  • Author: Bianca Poptean The Indian Diet is a nutritional plan designed specifically to reduce body fat levels and total weight in just 7 days!
  • Wart treatment in ayurveda

I also eat healthy at home, but not completely alkaline. In addition, there I never felt any craving, there is no monotony in food.

We only consume Enough, given that we did not do intense sports. I just swam and sat on the beach, I read, I relaxed. It was seven days of pampering.

The staff was attentive to all the details, they came to bring you the juices, they took care of you. She was alone in this getaway. It's not the first time, he got used to it and started liking it. He felt the need to break away from home, to put his thoughts in order.

Juice detoxification 7 days

The salad was sensational. It contained spinach, radish and beet leaves, cherry tomatoes, celery stalks, a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

The portion was thick and, nibbling on it for minutes, the brain had time to register the feeling of satiety. Sometimes, along with the salad, he had a 7-day detox diet, made very simple, grilled. An unusual decision for a man, but predictable for the Kanal D star, always interested in a healthy lifestyle.

He was not with his wife Cristina Şişcanu, but with his brother, Dragoş. Half an hour later we were eating a grapefruit salad powdered with cinnamon, at lunch it's delicious: pineapple, several kinds of bell peppers, cucumbers, parsley, dill, quinoa, pomegranate, etc. At the Tables they were sprinkled with sports and procedures designed to remove toxins from the body.

Recipe of the day: Hot spinach salad with croutons

Warm spinach salad with croutons from: raisins, bread, olive oil, pine nuts, spinach, garlic, salt, pepper.

Warm spinach salad with croutons


  • 50gr raisins
  • 1 slice of bread
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 25gr pine nuts
  • 500gr spinach
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • salt and pepper

Method of preparation:

Put the raisins in a bowl, add hot water and set aside for 10 minutes.
Cut the bread into cubes. Heat 2 tablespoons oil and brown the bread. Drain.

Heat the rest of the oil in a pan. Fry the pine nuts. Add the spinach and garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes.
Stir in the raisins and season with salt and pepper. Mix well.

Transfer to a serving plate.
Garnish with croutons and serve immediately.

Salad with tuna and cheese

Salad with tuna and cheese
Lately I have tried to prepare several salads because they are tasty, healthy and because I can include several vegetables at once. Today I chose to make this tasty salad with avocado, tuna, apples, cheese and eggs. A layered salad, not at all pretentious and with ingredients available to anyone.
Because it is quite consistent, it can be eaten both for lunch and dinner, but it can also be good for the work package. It goes very well prepared in the evening and placed in a glass casserole with a tight lid. I used a milk mayonnaise but you can replace it with a Greek yogurt. I recommend you try it !!

Tuna and cheese salad - ingredients

  • a box with tuna pieces in olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons milk mayonnaise or Greek yogurt
  • 150 g Sofia-Delaco cheese
  • 2 avocado
  • 2 apples
  • 2 eggs
  • a lemon
  • salad for decoration and pomegranate beans

How to prepare salad with tuna and cheese!

Drain the canned oil and then grind it with a fork.
Grate the cheese through an apple grater or cut it into small cubes.

Prepare milk mayonnaise and season it with a pinch of salt and a clove of garlic or use a Greek yogurt that we mix with salt, clove of garlic and a little olive oil.
We cut the avocados and apples into cubes and sprinkle them with lemon juice so as not to change their color.

Boil hard boiled eggs and then finely chop both egg whites and yolks.

After we have prepared all the ingredients for the tuna and cheese salad, we start to assemble it in layers.

How to assemble salad with tuna and cheese

It can be mounted depending on how it is served.
It can be put in a glass casserole from which everyone can take as much as they want or it is mounted in individual portions, directly on the plate, with the help of a ring.
The layers can be placed according to how you want, I chose to start with avocado, cheese, tuna, apples, egg whites and yolks. I greased each layer with a little mayonnaise so that the next one adheres better.
I decorated with a little lettuce and pomegranate seeds.

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Chic bites & # 8211 Young tuna and spinach salad

I don't know if it's a sign of any deficiencies in the body, but I've been craving salads for about half a year. My real cravings are very ashamed of such a new intruder, but now it's time for chocolate, fresh bread, pasta and sarmales in vine leaves to be dethroned by something trivial: a simple salad. And of the salads, one of the favorites is the tuna salad. It is very easy to prepare and I really find it terribly tasty. I use for a portion of such a salad a salad as green as possible, a can or jar with tuna in olive oil, a tablespoon of pitted olives, lemon juice, a tablespoon of corn canned berries and optionally green onions or baby spinach. It is essential that the tone is good because it is the one that gives the taste. How long does it take to prepare it? Fix five minutes: wash the salad quickly from leaf to leaf and dry it in a salad centrifuge (this I learned from Jamie), break it into pieces, sprinkle it with a little sea salt and then pour the tuna with the oil from preserve. Mix well and put the olives, corn, onion, spinach and squeeze the lemon juice. And it's ready, just good to eat! Easy-peasy, right?

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