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Dulsineea cake

Dulsineea cake

It was:

Put the margarine, honey and sugar on the fire and simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. Set aside and when the composition cools down a little, add a little flour mixed with baking soda, stirring. Add the rest of the flour and the egg with sour cream, start kneading, adding a few tablespoons of milk, one at a time, until the composition is homogeneous. The dough is divided into 4 equal parts that are spread in thin sheets, I recommend that they be spread with the twister directly on sheets of baking paper, in equal sizes. Before being placed in the oven, the sheets are pushed with a fork.

Transport the 4 sheets, one by one, with the help of the baking paper support, in a large tray and place them (one at a time) in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C. The sheets will be ready quite quickly, when which edges lightly brown, are ready.


Milk, honey and sugar are put on the fire.

When the milk boils, add the semolina in the rain, stirring constantly.

Boil the composition until it thickens well.

Leave to cool, and when it reaches room temperature add the vanilla essence or vanilla sugar and butter.

Mix at high speed until you get a frothy cream. Be careful not to let the cream cool completely because if you left it it becomes solid and can no longer be mixed with butter because it becomes lumpy.


The base sheet is covered with half the cream.

Cover with the second sheet, pressing lightly on the entire surface, then grease sheet 2 with jam.

Cover with sheet 3, on which the rest of the cream is placed, then with sheet 4.

Place a larger tray on top of the cake in which you have placed a weight (2-3 thick cards, for example) and leave it in a cool place overnight. Do not try to cut the cake on the same day, the sheets will be crumbly, but the next day they will break very well.

Before cutting the cake into rectangles, squares, rhombuses, straighten the edges of the cake that did not look like a knife, then powder the surface of the cake with powdered sugar.

another very tasty cream version:

Cream 2:

500 ml of milk, 170 g of sugar, 4 tablespoons of flour, vanilla essence - mix well then boil the composition on steam, until it thickens. Allow to cool to room temperature.

50 gr powdered sugar mix well with 100 gr butter (at room temperature). In this composition gradually add a tablespoon of the boiled cream composition and mix at low speed.

100 g of apricot jam + 1 teaspoon of cocoa mix well.

Good appetite !!!

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