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Desert Tiramisu

Desert Tiramisu

I mixed the yolks with the sugar well, then I put them on the steam bath, I stirred continuously until the sugar melted and they got a thicker consistency. Leave to cool. Beat the whipped cream separately, mix the mascarpone with the yolk cream, then incorporate the whipped cream.

For assembling tiramisu, I used a tray with removable walls. To soak the biscuits I used 3-4 teaspoons of ness diluted with water.

On the bottom of the tray I spread a layer of cream, I placed a layer of biscuits soaked in ness (do not need to be kept long, just dipped and removed quickly) over cream biscuits and again soaked biscuits, we do so until we finish all the cream. Sift cocoa on top, leave the cake cold until the next day when we can serve.

Good appetite !